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50 Human Body Fun Facts That You Didn't Know

Funny doctor looking at a human skeleton.

How much do you know your body? Not much? Well, you will love these human body fun facts! As an amazing piece of machinery, our body offers tons of funny & weird pieces of info we didn't know. 

Your body is a strange yet fascinating place, where a lot of things remain a mystery. According to Jess C. Scott, “The human body is the best work of art.” After all, in everyday life, a number of systems work together to keep you alive and well.

For sure, your science teacher taught you that the human skeleton is made up of 206 bones, the skin regenerates itself to heal a papercut or remove dead skin, and your tongue prints are as unique as your fingerprints. You might also discover that you can shed 22 kilograms of skin in your lifetime or the body’s hardest bone is your haw bone.

Check out this super-interesting video with 25 incredible facts (don't forget to click the subscribe button on the video), or scroll down for the full list of 50 mind-blowing fun facts. There are many cool images waiting for you below.  

These facts will show you that our body is wacky, mysterious, and beautiful, and you live with it. However, sometimes it is very easy for us to forget how amazing we all are, and our body machine is as well.

So, before we forget, let's start!


Crazy Fun Facts About Human Body Organs

Before we start, know that you can have more fun by playing great human body trivia games, or answer human body questions
Did you know that…

1. The lining of the stomach is replaced once a week.

After you swallow food, the digestive system gets into action. The food goes to the stomach, where the digestion starts. Interestingly, the lining of your stomach is being replaced once a week. If not, it will digest itself.

The lining of the stomach.

2. Your heart can beat up to 100,000 times daily. 

If there’s one muscle that never gets tired, it is your heart. This human organ is responsible for pumping blood through veins and arteries. It can beat about 100,000 times a day, depending on the beats per minute. Meaning, it can send 2,000 gallons of blood through your body. 

Human heart beat with a red background.

3. Pink lungs mean healthy lungs.

It’s good news if you have pink, rubbery lungs on the outside. This means that you have healthy lungs. So, avoid smoking as it can make your lungs look tarry and black.

Pink lungs inside a human body in 3d.

4. You lose about 600,000 particles of skin every hour. 

Every hour, you can lose approximately 600,000 particles of skin, which is about 1.5 lbs of skin each year. As we reach the age of 70, we tend to lose nearly 105 lbs of skin. So, it’s not only your pet that sheds skin.

Close up of the human skin.

5. Time will come that your brain will have a harder time with long-term memories.

The time will come that your brain will fail to filter and remove old memories. As a result, the human brain will find it harder to deal with long-term memories and refuse to absorb new ideas. Over the average lifetime, your brain needs to work harder to produce memories.

A colorful human brain made of plasticine.

6. The human heart has its very own electrical impulse.

Another crazy fact is on our heart. It has its own electrical impulse. Meaning, as long as your heart has an oxygen supply, it will keep on beating. Even a heart is being separated from the body, and you will see that it keeps on beating for a certain period. Besides, your heart can also pump up to 1.5 million barrels of blood throughout your lifetime.

A big human heart in 3d near a human body in 3d.

7. Only one kidney is necessary to live. 

Your kidneys are responsible for getting rid of waste products from the blood. What if you lose one? Don’t worry, even only one kidney can keep you living.

Human kidney with an explanation of its internal parts.

8. Your stomach can dissolve metal.

The acid found in your stomach is so strong that it can dissolve metal. Good thing, the lining of your stomach can tolerate it. So, do not be surprised that your stomach can dissolve razorblades.

A human body in 3d with the stomach marked in red.

9. The brain does not feel any pain.

Another function of the brain is to process pain signals. The crazy thing is that the brain itself does not feel any pain. Well, discovering this fact does not hurt your brain, right?

A human brain in purple 3d.

10. Your liver can completely regenerate itself.

The vascular glandular organ, liver, secretes bile. It is also ONLY the human organ that can completely regenerate itself. However, you still need to take care of it.

A male human body with a liver in 3d.

Weird Interesting Facts On Our Senses

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Ok, let's continue. Did you know that…

11. Some people can hear the sound of their own eyeballs moving.

The ability to hear the sound of their own eyeballs moving is called “superior canal dehiscence syndrome.” Every time these people’s eyes move in their sockets, they can hear a sound like scratching sandpaper. Other than this, some people can also hear every sound within their bodies.

A human eye structure.

12. You can detect up to 1 trillion smells.

How many smells or scents can you name? Well, it’s nice to know that your nose can detect up to 1 trillion smells (billion times 10, a lot ah?). Besides, women are known to have a better sense of smell compared to men.

Funny woman sniffing a purple flower.

13. Your eyes can detect light more than 1.7 miles away.

Are you curious how far your eyes can see a candle flame? The truth is your eyes are very powerful that it can detect candle flame more than 1.7 miles away. It feels like you have a superhuman vision, right?

A funny eye doctor.

14. The human tongue is covered in about 8,000 taste buds.

Can you imagine yourself without taste buds? Your tongue is covered in approximately 8,000 taste buds. Each of them contains about 100 cells, which can help you taste the food better.

A close up of the human tongue.

15. Your ability to hear decreases when you overheat.

If you think your ability to hear can only be decreased as you age, think again. That is because when you overheat, your hearing decreases. Not only that, but your body can also produce heat in 30 minutes that can bring a half-gallon of water to boil.

A funny person gets his hair burning and hot.

16. The fastest human sense is hearing.

Have you ever heard that your brain can recognize a sound as little as 0.05 seconds? That is 10 times faster compared to a blink of an eye. So, if you want to get someone’s attention, it is better to scream across the room instead of just waving. For more weird facts, check out the fantastic 50 weird fun facts article.

A funny woman clown hearing from a speaker.

Mind-blowing Truths On Bones and Muscles

Did you know that…

17. Adult humans have fewer bones than babies.

Do you think you had plenty of bones now? You start your life with 350 bones. As you reach adulthood, your bones fuse together. So, your bones will dwindle to only 206. In other words, adults actually have fewer bones compared to newborn babies.

A close up of a smiling baby.

18. The fastest muscles in our human body are found in your eyes.

If you are looking for the body’s fastest muscle, you can find it in your eyes. They are called “extraocular muscles.” These muscles let both of the eyes flick in a similar direction in a matter of 50-millisecond movement. That speed is mind-blowing!

A close up of a human head model.

19. The smallest bones are found inside the ear.

Inside your ear, you will find the smallest bones. These bones are so small that they can even fit on a coin. Without them, a human can’t hear a thing. So, you need to take care of them by not using any sharp tool to clean your ears or any activity that can harm them.

A close up of a human ear model.

20. Your body is composed of more than 600 muscles.

The answer to “how many muscles your body has” is not 300 and not even 500, but over 600 muscles. Your muscles make it possible for you to move and produce physical strength. While the strongest muscle is located in the jaw, which is called “masseter muscle,” the weakest is found in the middle of the ear and called “stapedius muscle.”

A close up of a human head in 3d with the jaw muscle marked in red.

21. Your bones are stronger than steel.

Ounce for ounce, your bones tend to be stronger than steel. In fact, every cubic inch of bone is known to bear a load of 19,000 pounds, which is about the weight of 5 pickup trucks. But wait, don’t dare to let these trucks run over your forearm.

A funny human skeleton surprised.

22. The human skeleton can replace itself. 

Would it be mind-blowing for you to know that your skeleton can replace itself? Your skeleton does it every ten years. Literally, you are not the same human you are in your 50s that you were (or will be) in your 40s. It’s really mind-blowing but true. After all, having a fresh skeleton is interesting, right?

A funny human skeleton with a hat.

23. Your tongue is composed of eight interwoven muscles.

Apart from the taste buds, having eight interwoven muscles is another mind-blowing fact about your tongue. These muscles are similar in structure to an octopus’s tentacle or an elephant’s trunk. So, can you imagine how strong your tongue is?

A funny cute young woman smiling and taking out her tongue.

24. Your feet have 52 bones.

Another point concerning the bones is that 25% of them are likely to be found in the feet. There are 52 bones found in your feet. Are tempted to count the bones in your feet?

Two feet with funny faces painted on them.

Hilarious Facts Covering Our Body Parts

Did you know that…

25. Your wisdom tooth has no purpose.

For sure, you are wondering about the purpose of your wisdom tooth. The truth is that it serves no purpose. Wisdom teeth were leftover thousands of years ago. After the brains of early humans grew bigger, the space in their mouths was reduced. As a result, their mouths were crowded by the third set of molars.

A close up of a young boy holding his teeth in his hand.

26. More than 100,000 miles of blood vessels are inside the human body. 

While you may find your blood vessels are in small size, the networking is hilariously long. If these blood vessels were laid out, they would measure more than 100,000 miles. This measure could circle the globe. This measure is hilarious and interesting, but please don’t try it. It is still better to keep them in your body.

A 3d model of human vessels.

27. Your hair grows 6 inches annually.

Most girls want their hair long. If you want to achieve your desired hair length, you need to wait a single year to let it grow for about 6 inches. You can use safe products to strengthen your hair while growing. If you are wondering which thing in your body can grow faster than your hair, it is your bone marrow.

A woman with a funny look getting her hair curly.

28. No one really knows the real purpose of fingerprints.

Some documents may require your fingerprints. After all, they are among the unique things in the body other than tongue prints. However, no one knows what they are meant for. On the bright side, they help improve touch, prevent blisters, or wipe the water away from your hands.

a colorful fingerprint.

29. About 1000 different species of bacteria are found on your skin.

Your skin is responsible for protecting the body against bacteria. But, did you know that the 100 different species of bacteria are found on the skin itself? This hilarious fact is the reason why the skin’s outer layer continuously renews itself. Besides, the entire process for renewing the skin cell will take approximately 28 days.

A hand with many bacteria animation on it.

30. Tiny mites are living in the eyelashes.

Your eyelashes serve as protection against particles that may enter your eyes. These little mites are usually harmless and live anywhere as long as there are hair follicles. You can find them in other body parts. As you get older, these tiny mites grow in number.

A close of eyelashes mites.

31. Your big toe can bear 40% of your body weight.

Humans have a weight-bearing toe. Your big toe can carry more weight compared to other toes. It can bear approximately 40% of your total weight. If you plan to enlist in the US army, all of your ten shoes should be intact.

A woman with colorful toes.

32. Your mouth has the same skin cells as the vagina.

Would you believe that the skin cells of your mouth are the same as of vagina? Well, you need to believe it. Cells called “flattened epithelial” are well suited to the body areas subject to constant abrasion. That is because it is possible for the layers to slough off. These cells can also be replaced before quickly.

A woman with golden lipstick in her lips.

33. Your pinky finger can bear about 50% of the hand strength.

If not because of your pinky finger, you are about to lose 50% of the hand strength. While your middle and index fingers team up with your thumb in grabbing or pinching, your pinky fingers function together with a ring finger to have grip power. So, make a pinky swear that you will take care of each of your fingers.

A funny woman with her pinky finger in her mouth.

34. Some people have internal organs reversed from normal positions.

One in 10,000 people has mirrored or reversed internal organs from their normal positions. This is an example of human differences. The condition is known as “situs inversus.”

An x-ray of human lungs.

35. Your fingers are capable of feeling objects as little as 13 nanometers.

One of the hilarious things about your fingers is that they can feel even objects that measure as small as 13 nanometers. If that’s the case and your finger was the Earth’s size, then it is possible for you to feel the difference between cars and houses. Well, that’s how amazing your fingers are.

A human hand with smiley faces on the fingers.

36. The tiny hairs in your nasal and lungs passage can taste bitter flavors.

Back when you were studying the respiratory system or the different parts of the nose, you discovered that there are tiny hairs called “cilia.” In fact, these tiny hairs are also found in nasal passages. They are responsible for removing foreign particles and dust from your respiratory tract. Other than that, they can also taste bitter flavors.

A man cutting his nasal hairs.

37. People with blue eyes can tolerate higher alcohol.

Do you have blue eyes? Well, these are not only attractive but also offer hilarious body facts. Having blue eyes means that you have higher alcohol tolerance than other eye colors. Not only that, but you also have higher rates of alcohol dependency and abuse. So, be careful with the amount of alcoholic drink you consume.

A close-up of a beautiful woman with blue eyes.

Cool Truths Regarding Body Activities, Fluid, Substances, and More

Did you know that…

38. An average individual can produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

During your lifetime, it is possible for you to produce two swimming pools’ worth of saliva. Well, it’s kinda gross yet interesting. Your body produces saliva every minute to assist in swallowing, as well as maintain the right acid levels in your mouth. Due to nearly 24/7 operation, you can produce many salivae, which is about 25,000 quarts that can fill two swimming pools.

A funny man inside a swimming pool with funny artificial eyes on his glasses.

39. You can process approximately 150,000 pounds of food in a lifetime.

How often do you eat? In a lifetime, you can process approximately 150,000 pounds of food. In case you are already 75, you can roughly process 1,800 pounds of food each year. This means that you literally eat a ton of a year.

A funny man on a couch eating a hamburger with a beer.

40. The human ear is self-cleaning. 

Do you always clean your ear? Your ear can clean itself, thanks to earwax. This yellow gunk is not actually dirt in your ears. Plus, it is actually a type of sweat. It is responsible for keeping your ears clean. It can also protect your ears against bacteria. So, will you still clean or always clean your ears?

A model of the human ear.

41. You are taller in the morning.

Try to measure your height in the morning and then at night. You will notice that you are taller about a centimeter in the morning. That is because your cartilage in the bones is known to get compressed and squashed during the day. So, say thank you to gravity.

A cute little girl measuring her height.

42. Your sweat is actually odorless.

When you sweat, you may assume that you will have body odor. Now, think again. The sweat itself is actually odorless. The bacteria found on your skin that mingle with your sweat are what produce body odor. These bacteria are naturally present on your skin and thrive in your body’s sweaty regions.

A man looking on his arms sweat.

43. Your nose and ears never stop growing.

All this time, some people think that their ears and nose already stopped growing after they reached adulthood. The truth is these two are among the body parts that never stop growing until the day you die. Not only that, earlobes are known to get elongated from gravity.

Pinocchio with a long nose.

44. The cornea in the eye that has no blood supply.

With a number of blood vessels in the human body, you will less likely think that there’s a single part of the body without blood supply. But, you need to believe that there is, and it is your cornea in the eyes. While it has no blood cell supply, it has the ability to get oxygen from the air.

Two parts of a big human eye model.

45. The human’s highest blood flow is in the kidney.

Where do you think is the highest blood flow in the body? If your answer is heart, brain, or liver, then you got it wrong. It is in your kidneys. Why? That is because they act as the natural filtration system of your body.

The blood flow of the kidney.

46. At the age of 70, you are likely to have drunk about 12,000 gallons of water.

Drinking a lot of water has plenty of benefits for your health. However, do you ever wonder how much water you might have drunk at a certain age? When you reach the age of 70, you will likely drink approximately 12,000 gallons of water. That’s cool!

A cute girl holding a bottle of water close to her face.

47. Sperm is likely to die at body temperature.

The reason why testicles dangle is that sperm will die at body temperature. This will help in keeping a cool temperature. So, make sure to keep your laptop off down there.

A cute painting of smiley sperm with a smiley woman egg.

48. Your eyelids are incredibly honest.

You tell if a person is telling a lie by observing the frequency of his or her blinks. If they are telling a lie, they tend to blink less frequently than normal. After the lie is told, he or she will blink about eight times than normal. Indeed, human eyelids are honest. Whether we want it or not, they will signal the truth.

A funny man looks surprised like someone discovers he is lying.

49. Some people cannot recognize the voices of familiar people.

Over 3% of people fail to recognize the voice of people who are familiar with them. This condition is called “phonagnosia.” These people have separate areas of the brain that govern voice recognition and linguistic comprehension.

A funny man with a big eyeglasses doesn't recognize who is speaking on the phone.

50. The human body has no ability to digest grass.

Your body does not have what it take to breakdown the cellulose that can be found in the plant. Not only that, grass contains plenty of silica, which is an abrasive that can quickly wear down your teeth. So, please never try a grass diet. Leave it to the grazing animals that can replace their own worn tooth surfaces. If we are mentioning animals, check the greatest 50 animals' fun facts.

A funny man eats grass and has a funny look.

Final Thoughts

Do you find the fun facts above crazy or weird? How about fascinating or mind-blowing? No matter what your reaction is, we hope that you have learned something. For sure, you find your body even more amazing.

If you want to learn more pieces of fantastic info, you can read many more human body fun facts. Also, don't forget to check our fun and educational blog for more fun facts lists.


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