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Sports Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

These sports trivia questions and answers are for real sports fans. Try to answer our unique collection of sports trivia questions about football, NBA, NFL, Soccer, NHL, WWE, Baseball, Cricket, F1, and more. We even have an interesting "Guess the NBA player" quiz. A real sports fan can answer these sports trivia questions and answers.

We have questions about Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, and more sports. Every sports fan will love these questions about the best players, events, and moments in sports history. Test your sports prowess with our sport trivia quizzes.

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Which British tennis player ended the 70-year streak of not winning Wimbledon?
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Michael Jordan
For what fast-food company did Michael Jordan do an anti-drug commercial?
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Which color flag during an F1 race indicates that normal racing conditions are being applied?
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