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Discover & explore science with our trivia questions and answers collection. Try these science test questions and answers, computer science questions, life science questions, and more about space, physics, trees, medical questions, astronomy, earth, solar systems, famous scientists, science and nature, and many more.

We cover also topics such as Chemistry, Biology, and more. It, however, still entails the discoveries related to nature, its behavioral features, and the knowledge obtained from them.

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Famous Scientist Trivia Quiz (history inventors)
Max Planck, a German theoretical physicist, revolutionized the study and understanding of atomic and subatomic processes, and he also discovered that energy could be emitted or absorbed in small amounts. What is the name of Planck's discovery?
What was the name given to the first virus that was discovered?
trees quiz
Which tree had the wood that was the most eminent option for water pipes until the 1700s, for it does not decay when kept permanently wet, as compared with other woods?

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