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Movie Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

If you love binge-watching through your favorite movies, you will love our movies Q&A collection. These movie trivia questions and answers cover the top movies of all time, such as the Godfather, Wizard of OZ, Forrest Gump, Disney movies, Titanic, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, Pixar Movies, Star Wars, 90s movies, and many more others.

Do you remember every movie and scene? Then our trivia quiz on movies is for you. Quiz yourself with friends on popular movies.

Today's Movie Question

The Godfather
By what name is the horse of Jack Woltz known?
Avengers Trivia Quiz
In what Marvel movie was the idea of the Avengers first heard?
Best Movies Of All Time 2
In which year was the movie Casablanca released?

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