Blue X-ray of the upper human body.

Human Body Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The human body is complex and fascinating. We have brain questions, heart questions, and more about human anatomy, human skeleton, blood, anatomy, and many more. Test your knowledge, answer these brain teaser questions and learn about the human body.

Our trivia quiz questions and answers cover the entire human body: anatomy of the heart, brain, bones, skull, blood, and many other body organs. Boost your knowledge of anatomy and physiological functions behind our body mechanism with our trivia quizzes.

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Psychology Trivia Quiz
Common symptoms are a disordered reality, hallucinations, and reality withdrawal, and the condition was named by Euglen Bleuler in the early 20th century. What is the condition?
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eye anatomy quiz
Which part of the eye is the biggest and responsible for its overall shape? It shares about two-thirds of the overall volume of the eye and contains vitreous humor that looks like jelly and clear-like material.
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Approximately how many liver cells are in 1 milligram of liver tissue?
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