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Get Smarter, Improve your General Knowledge,
Train your brain & sharpen your mind.
Brain training personalized for you.
Knowledge is power!
We all know the phrase “Knowledge is power,” but why is that true?
Well, we use the knowledge we acquire all day, every day! We use it with friends, at our
workplace, at job interviews, in classes, with our family, or even on a date.
General knowledge can make you appear more intelligent and make you feel smarter. It
improves your self-confidence and helps to develop social skills. General knowledge can
get you far in your career or academics and all you have to do work your brain like a
muscle using games or trivia every day.
General knowledge is truly power in the sense that you gain individual competence as
well as collective reasoning within society.
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Fun & Educating Games
Edutainment is a scientific theory that has been proven to enhance learning experiences
while providing entertainment. Reading a pile of educational books can be nice, for
some, but it's not for everyone. Combining the educational goal with an entertaining
experience boosts our learning process and trivia games are certainly entertaining. You
can do them alone or with others, too, which makes for a more rewarding experience.
Your Roadmap for Success
Our specialists at Quiz Beez have created a general knowledge roadmap and a brain
training roadmap, each designed to help you have fun while gaining strength in your
cognitive skills and neural pathways. We have gathered the most important topics you
should know and divided them into small pieces using trivia games and fun quizzes.
With the recording of your milestones while following our roadmaps, you will be able to
focus even more and proudly recognize the progress you made.
Easily Grow Your Intelligence!
Quiz Beez’s general knowledge roadmap will cover essential topics including history,
geography, science, anatomy, zoology, food, holidays, and much more. All topics focus
on interesting facts that make these quizzes more exciting to take.
Our brain training roadmap includes brain training games, IQ tests, and math tests. You
will practice and improve your analytical skills, reasoning skills, logical skills, math skills,
visual intelligence, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, memory,
speed processing, and so much more.
Measure Your Improvement
You can sign up for access to your own personal dashboard with your stats and scores
displayed for you reference as well as your percentile vs. the rest of our participants at
Quiz Beez. We also provide personal recommendations on your dashboard to push you
in the direction of getting you smarter than you have already become. You will always
see your progress and where you still need improvement, which will help your continued
Start getting smarter