People dressed in 1980s style dresses with traditional 1980 stereo.

1980s History Trivia Quiz

Play the '80s history quiz to test your knowledge about the history of the 1980s. This quiz covers events, people, and trends. When did the music video for Thriller hit MTV? April 13, 1983. When was a member of The Beatles murdered? December 8, 1980. Interesting, right? Now try to answer this 1980s historical quiz.

This game provides an entertaining way to learn more about the history of the 1980s. What do you remember most about the 80s: Michael Jackson, Wall Street Crash, Live Aid, MTV, Rubik's Cube? Well, try to answer this 1980s trivia on historical topics.

1980s History Games

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1980s History
In which year did the Bhopal disaster take place?
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