Many different bottles of Alcoholic drinks in a pub.

Alcohol Trivia Quiz

Alcohol history is full of interesting facts about the origin and evolution of beers, wines, liquors, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks. Play the alcohol trivia quiz and find a good reason to drink it from time to time! Drinking alcohol in the right amount has its share of health benefits a well. Want to know more about these?

The strongest alcohol is generally considered whiskey, which is used as an alcoholic base for a myriad of cocktails. Distilled spirits include vodka and its close counterpart, rum. These are often drunk neat or on the rocks and can also be served with mixers such as soda or tonic water. Beer includes ales and lagers. Ales have a variety of tastes that are more assertive than lagers.

Alcohol Games

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The drink Pisco Sour originated from which country?
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