An elephant swims in the blue sea.

Elephants Trivia Quiz Game

Elephants are the largest living land animal. There are three living species: the African forest elephant, the African bush elephant, and the Asian elephant. All of them are grayish-brown animals with thick layers of skin. Do you want to know more about these giant but gentle animals? Be ready to stomp in and to have a glimpse of their world.

Elephants live in Africa and Asia, and their most outstanding feature is their long trunk which they use for everything like eating, drinking, breathing, and fighting (if they're male). Prepare to learn some more interesting facts about elephants. Elephants are undoubtedly one of the sweetest and loveliest animals. Try out this game to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

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Elephants Trivia
Unlike human pregnancy that only takes 9 months, how long does a female elephant pregnancy take?
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