6 African animals: Leopard, Impala, Lion, Elephant, Zebra, and Giraffe.

African Animals Trivia Quiz

Play the African Animals Trivia Quiz to assess your knowledge about the animal kingdom in Africa. Did you know that Rhinos are found in many parts of Africa? Do you know what the horns of the Rhinos are made of? You would be surprised to know the answer. Continue reading to know more about animal life in the African Region.

African animals are particularly known for their strength, which is why they are often highly sought after for their meat. The lions are king at bringing down buffalo and are strong enough to overpower an elephant. Crocodiles are often referred to as the killing machines of the African wildlife. Learn as you play!

African Animals Games

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African Animals
What is the name of the animals found in Africa that are also the third-largest living rodents?
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