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Uncover amazing TV fun facts you didn't know about your favorite TV series. Uncover crazy facts about Kardashians, The Office, Seinfeld, Family Guys, Friends, Glee, Breaking Bad, Big Bang theory facts, and much more.

Think you know everything about those shows you binge-watch all weekend? From the Keeping up with the Game of Thrones, Simpsons, Supernatural, and much more! Our TV trivia fun facts collecting all TV shows with their most mind-blowing fun facts unimaginable for the human mind.

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Simpsons Trivia Quiz
Tony Bennett was the first celebrity to play himself in Season 2, which aired in 1990. Since then, many more celebrities have had the chance to play themselves in this popular show.
Fun Fact
Amber Riley won the 2013 season of Dancing With The Stars. She was the first African American woman to do so.
Fun Fact
Star Trek
The creator and the executive producer of the popular TV series Star Trek is Gene Roddenberry. The series was launched in 1966.

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