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Uncover legendary sports trivia fun facts about your favorite sports, teams, and leagues. We have exciting baseball facts that will amaze you as well as NBA fun facts and more facts about the NFL, Soccer, WWE, F1, NHL, Cricket, MLB, Tennis, NBA teams, and many more sports facts.

These sports fun facts will amaze you. Discover the most astonishing facts of sports history. We specially picked a collection of facts about the legendary players and most remarkable events of American football, soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling, Olympics, and more.

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Fun Fact
Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is the second-most watched annual sporting event on earth, with only the Champions League Final getting more viewers.
Fun Fact
The first stroke system on Golf was called a Bogie. It was developed in the 19th century in England. Later in the 20th century, this term was used as one above par.
Fun Fact
Although the Los Angeles Coliseum is the oldest actual stadium, built in 1923, Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, is the oldest stadium built for NFL use.

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