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Uncover legendary sports trivia fun facts about your favorite sports, teams, and leagues. We have exciting baseball facts that will amaze you as well as NBA fun facts and more facts about the NFL, Soccer, WWE, F1, NHL, Cricket, MLB, Tennis, NBA teams, and many more sports facts.

These sports fun facts will amaze you. Discover the most astonishing facts of sports history. We specially picked a collection of facts about the legendary players and most remarkable events of American football, soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling, Olympics, and more.

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Dundee United has played Barcelona four times in professional fixtures and beaten them every time.
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Martin Johnson, who was the captain of England’s rugby team when they won the 2003 Rugby World Cup, is considered one of the greatest locks in the game.
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In the 1998 Summer Olympics, Lawn Tennis returned as a full medal sport after its last appearance in the 1924 Summer Olympics.

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