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Music Fun Facts

Uncover some crazy music trivia fun facts. How well do you know your music genre, singer, and album within which it was released? Discover interesting fun facts about Beethoven, musical facts, pop music, the Beatles, rock, and roll. hip hop, rap, all-time popular songs, Disney songs, country music, classical music, and more. Of course, we have also fun facts about music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and more.

Our collection of music trivia fun facts will be exposing you to the juiciest details about different genres of songs, decades of popular music, music legends and so much more.

Today's Music Fun Fact

Fun Fact
60s Music
The movie ‘Thunderball’ was sung by Tome Jones, who actually fainted while singing the song due to the long duration of high notes.
Fun Fact
Guess The Song From The Lyrics
It has been revealed that Neil purchased an arrow in 1970 and an Old man took care of it the song "Old Man" is written for that man.
Fun Fact
Country Music
Johnny Cash had voiced one coyote on the show of the Simpsons 9th episode in the 8th season.

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