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Our movie's fun facts are surprising. You won’t believe they happened in reality and are true. Our interesting movie facts collection includes movies such as Titanic, The Godfather, Back to the Future, Star Wars, High School Musicals, Film Quotes, Lion King, Disney movies, Guess the movie quiz, Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Pixar Movies, Spiderman, 90s movies and many more great movies.

For the casts and crew of these movies, it has been a full-time job with hidden backstage scenes. Our goal is to reveal those scenes you never really or could ever have guessed in a million years happened. Sit tight and brace up for the shock.

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1960s Movies
Although it lost money at the box office, Jason and the Argonauts is now considered a classic film that Tom Hanks referred to as "the greatest film ever made.
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Halloween Movies
The role of the fictional character Dr. Sam Loomis in the first franchise of Halloween was played by English actor Donald Pleasence.
Fun Fact
Back To The Future
The Back to the Future movie script was re-written at least 4 times, and it was rejected over 40 times before Universal Studios finally bought it.

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