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Movie Trivia Quiz Fun Facts

Our movie's fun facts are surprising. You won’t believe they happened in reality and are true.

For the casts and crew of these movies, it has been a full-time job with hidden backstage scenes. Our goal is to reveal those scenes you never really or could ever have guessed in a million years happened. Sit tight and brace up for the shock.

Today's Movie Fun Fact

Fun Fact
Harry Potter Characters
There were four positions at the Quidditch, namely, seeker, keeper, chaser, and beater. Harry Potter played at the seeker position.
Fun Fact
Wizard Of Oz
As a cyclone approached, Dorothy rushed home and took shelter in her bedroom, where the window was blown in hit her on the head, knocking her unconscious
Fun Fact
Jurassic Park
Chip Kidd and Universal Pictures Marketing Executive Tom Martin designed the Jurassic Park logo. The logo is based on the skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus rex used on the cover of the book.

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