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Interesting Language Fun Facts

Language fun facts are fascinating. Discover interesting Spanish fun facts, American dialect facts, French facts, Germans facts, British slang facts, Japanese facts, and many more fun facts. Every language has its history and evaluation process. Every language has some interesting fun facts you didn't know.

Every language has some interesting fun facts you didn't know. Are you ready to uncover some exciting, fun facts about English, Spanish, French and other languages?

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Spanish Trivia Quiz for Beginners
Spanish derives from Latin, dating back to the Roman conquest of Iberia.
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English Vocabulary Quiz
Aplomb means evenness of temper. Synonyms of aplomb include confidence and self-trust, while its opposites include agitation and discomposure. This word is said to have first been used in 1818.
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Taekwondo is a Korean word that is also used in English. It refers to a kind of martial art. It can be found mentioned in all the major dictionaries of the world.

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