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Prepare to be amazed by our human body - discover exciting and surprising trivia fun facts about our body. Discover amazing brain fun facts and more facts about the heart, blood, muscles, anatomy, and many more weird facts about the human body.

Find out interesting facts about the heart, brain, bones, muscles, blood, anatomy, biology, physiology, etc. What triggers an allergy in the human body? Has this ever puzzled you? Learn more about the body system with our fun trivia facts.

Today's Human Body Fun Fact

Fun Fact
The genes present in the 23rd pair of chromosomes are the ones related to the diseases such as color blindness and hemophilia.
Fun Fact
A woman who carries the baby of another woman is called a surrogate. The father’s sperm is artificially inseminated in the woman for this purpose.
Fun Fact
Skeletal System
Several joints in our body connect bones. The movement of the body is dependent on these joints. The Hinge joint is in the elbow and the knee.

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