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Prepare to be amazed by our human body - discover exciting and surprising trivia fun facts about our body. Discover amazing brain fun facts and more facts about the heart, blood, muscles, anatomy, and many more weird facts about the human body.

Find out interesting facts about the heart, brain, bones, muscles, blood, anatomy, biology, physiology, etc. What triggers an allergy in the human body? Has this ever puzzled you? Learn more about the body system with our fun trivia facts.

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Blood Type
A +ve sign against our blood group type indicated the presence of Rh antigen in our blood. A –ve sign against the blood group type indicates its absence.
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In order to protect babies against rotavirus infections, a rotavirus vaccine is given between 6 weeks and 10 weeks of age.
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Brain scans show that a London taxi driver generally has a larger hippocampus than usual. This is due to having to memorize the streets of London when in training.

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