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Holiday fun facts can be really entertaining on any holiday night with your family or friends. Check our Christmas facts, 4th of July facts, Cinco de mayo facts, Labor day facts, Thanksgiving facts, Christmas songs facts, Funny Christmas facts, Easter Facts, Hannukkah facts, and much more holiday facts! We gathered some interesting fun facts about all holidays.

You just have to read it. Discover amazing facts that you never knew about: Christmas, Easter, new years eve, valentine's days, independent day, thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and more.

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4th of july trivia
The American Revolutionary War began in 1775, but it wasn't until a year later that the thirteen colonies would officially state that they were on the road to freedom from British representation.
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st patrick's day trivia quiz
St. Patrick's Day officially began as a religious holiday to celebrate the saint but soon became tied to Ireland's independence movement which took place in the 1700s.
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The word ‘Hanukkah’ is derived from Hebrew, which is the old language of the Jews. It means ‘to teach’ or ‘Hinuch' (in Hebrew).

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