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Discover endless geography fun facts. Prepare to be amazed by interesting fun facts about continents, countries, and more. We have many countries fun facts about the UK, US, Canada, Australia fun facts, European countries and capitals, facts about the united states, and many more interesting, weird, and cool geography facts.

Which continent has its land on both the prime meridian and the equator? Uncover amazing facts about North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and all the countries of the world.

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Earth Day
Earth’s atmosphere is filled with gases, with nitrogen being present in the largest amounts followed by oxygen as a distant second.
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The water in Las Coloradas Lake is pink in color as this is a saltwater lake. Since ancient Maya times, this region has been a hotspot for salt mining.
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African Capitals Trivia Quiz
Tunis is the capital of Tunisia, and it is the furthest most northern capital in the country. It is only 225 miles away from the Italian island of Sicily.

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