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Did you know the hashtag symbol you use on twitter and Instagram is called “Octothorpe”? Yeah! It symbolized mystery. Or that that sweet M& M chocolate is a British confectionery that stands for Mars & Murie. Get more from our General knowledge trivia fun facts.

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Daniel Gerhard Brown, popularly known as Dan Brown, is an American author who has written the famous thriller Deception Point.
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In a 1992 interview with 60 Minutes, Hillary Clinton said she wasn't some 'little woman hanging around waiting for her man like Tammy Wynette' when asked about Bill Clinton's infidelities.
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Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of David is also called "David" and is in the Galleria Dell'Accadamia in Florence, Italy. The statue has been on display since the 1800s and was donated to the government.

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