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Discover food fun facts that will amaze you. We all eat food every day, but not all of us know the fun and exciting facts about our food. Are you ready to discover some unbelievable, weird, and interesting food facts?

Did you know who invents the sugar candy? Or Who was the first to mix chocolate in coffee, cakes, and drinks? Do you want to discover fun facts about fruits, vegetables, coffee, wine, beer, cooking, pizza, candies, and more? Well, check it out and find out.

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Italian Cuisine
The most popular pasta type in Italy is penne, which is cylinder-shaped, and the end is cut at an angle.
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Italian Cuisine
"Antipasto" means "before meal" and is eaten before the main course. The antipasto plate consists of foods such as sliced meat, olives, mushrooms, vegetables, and cheeses.
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candy trivia quiz
It sounds weird, but Germans consume twice as much candy as the Americans.

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