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Discover the greatest celebrity fun facts. We gathered the best celebrity trivia facts that will WOW you. Discover fun facts about Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomes, Tom Hanks, Celebrity Twins, famous couples, and many more glamorous celebrities.

You probably know who the craziest celebrities are in sport, fashion, entertainment, and all. But do you know why they are the best of the best, how they become the best? We will tell you those juicy facts that only a few fans know.

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Celebrity Twin Trivia Quiz
Reggie and Ronnie Kray were London gangsters in the 1960s, becoming celebrity figures during that time.
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Taylor Swift Trivia Quiz
The 2014 album 1989 (the year of Taylor Swift's birth) features the lead single Shake It Off, a departure from her country style more into pop music.
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Harry Styles
It is well known to Harry's fans that during the X Factor days, Harry Styles was involved with a fan who got pregnant.

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