The southern rockhopper penguin.

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Uncover the most amazing animal kingdom trivia fun facts. Discover weird animal facts and even surprising and interesting facts about animals such as lions, dolphins, elephants, penguins, sharks, pandas, tigers, bears, wolves, polar bears, monkeys, and many more animals.

Our animal trivia fun facts share incredible details about the rare, wild, and domestic animals, ones you won’t understand quite well even after watching NatGeo Wild. Highlight our favorite facts and share the unbelievable with friends.

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penguin trivia
Scientists discovered the remains of a 6.5 feet tall colossus penguin that is estimated to have lived 37 million years ago. Can you believe it? It would have been taller than an average human!
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Horse Trivia Quiz
Horses can sleep while standing up!
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Bald eagles
Its primary diet is fish, but the bald eagle also eats small mammals, other birds, turtles, crabs, and snakes. They sometimes steal fish from ospreys.

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