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What Are Topics To Talk About? Discover Unusual Topics | iBrainy


You’ll Never Run Out Of Things To Talk About With These Topics


Choosing which topic to discuss can become daunting with so many different topics to discuss. This can be difficult as many people have other interests in life, or you are trying to keep the conversations to a semi-professional level.


This article will discuss the many topics you can consult, including some very unusual ones. 


How lists of topics to talk about can help you in every situation?


When starting a new conversation, you need to have a killer conversation starter to grab the other person’s attention. Otherwise, they may switch off the conversation or cut it short. With these lists of conversation topics, you will have your killer conversation starters that will make you the best conversationalist.


You can learn what topics to talk about in certain situations. For example, if you are on a first date, never ask about money or political views, as these topics are too heavy for a first date. 


What Are Topics To Talk About at work?


The topics to talk about at work need to be light and nothing too serious, especially if you are only talking to a co-worker and they are just co-workers. 


When it comes to co-workers you don't know, you should stick to basic topics. As conversations can be considered team building. People like to begin by talking about nothing too personal or generic. Stick to light and breezy. 


Below are a few examples of how to keep the conversations light and casual.

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  1. Begin by discussing family, where they are from, and if they are married. You can ask how their family is and discuss funny stories from when you were younger. These conversations shouldn't go into too much detail.

  2. Talk about how long you have been working in the company. This can lead to discussions of similar experiences in working for the company. This conversation starter is perfect for someone you don't know well.

  3. Ask if they have any trips or travel plans coming up. If they do, ask them about it and seem interested in their plans. If you have had a similar trip in the past, give them some ideas or activities to do on their trip, as it shows you are interested in their trip.

  4. An easy topic to talk about is asking them about their favorite tv shows or movies. If you both like the same type of show, this can lead to a common topic to discuss with your colleague.

  5. If you are new to the area for your job, you can ask your co-worker what activities are fun in the area or what local restaurants to go to. If you both like the same activities or perhaps are going to the bar together this is great. This is also a great way of becoming friends with your co-workers.


What Are Topics To Talk About With Your friends?


When it comes to your friends, it all depends on how close you are to them. If you aren't too close to them, don't ask questions or start topics that are too personal, as they may not be comfortable discussing them with you. Below is a list of easy topics to talk about with your friends.


  1. Talk about food, and ask your friends about their favorite food. As everyone has their favorite meal, this conversation is perfect for getting to know them better. Once you know their favorite meal, you can get it together and share a meal, this will show you are interested in their life.


  1. Ask your friends about their hobbies, and see if you have any common hobbies that you can bond over. A quick way to learn about your friends' hobbies is to ask them what they like to do in their free time or what they do to relax. Once you know your friend's hobbies, take an interest in them, as this will keep the conversation going.


  1. Talk about music and the genres that your friends like. Within this topic, you can keep the conversation going by asking them about their favorite singers and what was the last song they listened to. You can bond quickly over the genres you both like, learn exciting facts about the bands, and learn new music.


  1. Another good topic is talking about their favorite films. Ask them their opinions on the latest movies, and also ask who their favorite actors are. Finding out about what film categories they like and genres they enjoy is an excellent way to keep the conversation flowing.


  1. With honesty being the best thing in these types of topics, it can lead to a closer friendship. You can talk about bizarre experiences that they have had or that you both experience. This is an excellent way to get a laugh or two from past experiences. 

What Are Topics To Talk About with your family?


Talking to your family can sometimes be awkward or complicated, especially if it involves your in-laws. You never know what topics to discuss or keep it simple to avoid making it any more awkward. 


Below are some excellent examples of what to talk about with your family.


  1. If you are talking to your in-laws, a great topic to talk about is what your partner was like as a child, as almost all parents love speaking about their children or telling embarrassing stories of their past. This is an excellent way to keep the conversation fun and a bonus of learning funny anecdotes about your partner. Just be sure not too embarrass your partner too much!

  2. Another topic to talk about with the in-laws is stories about their younger days. It can either be about what rebellious ways they did in their youth or a childhood holiday. It is easy to keep these topics going by showing interest in their life. Asking about their lives shows a great interest and will strengthen your relationship.

  3. When it comes to family, it can be hard keeping up with all their lives. Family dinners are the perfect time to discuss what they are up to in their lives and what recent accomplishments they have achieved. This is a quick way to show interest in their lives and keeps the conversation going without feeling forced.

  4. A great topic to talk about is family traditions and events. It is easy to discuss as you can talk about fun events and what your family does during them. You can also talk about the next family event, how your family can plan it, and what to do about it. 

  5. Talking about some family members' new jobs or hobbies is a good dinner table topic. It is light and breezy, which can be considered a fuller conversation.

  6. If you are talking to the younger members of your family, you may not know what to talk to them about or how to relate to them. The best is to ask them about what they like to do and their school life. 


What Are Topics To Talk About on a date?


Dates can be awkward and nerve-racking, with awkward silences that can lead to the date being a failure. It is best to know what topics to talk about and what topics to avoid. This will lead to a fun date that hopefully leads to a future second date.


Below are some easy topics to discuss on your date.


  1. Ask your date about their ambitions and discuss yours with them. This is an excellent way to learn what they want to do with their lives and learn a few things about your date. Your ambitions don't have to be career oriented. It just needs to be something you would like to do or learn.

  2. Talk about your hobbies and ask your date about their hobbies. This can lead to learning what hobbies you both share. If you both share similar hobbies, this is an excellent way to learn about your date and what kind of person they are. As you talk more about each other's hobbies, you are opening more opportunities for more dates.

  3. Open up about where you like to visit and ask them the same question. Ask them if they have traveled anywhere and discuss what they have done. This will show you are interested in their lives and help you get to know them better. 


  1. Another topic to talk about is their day or week. This will show you are interested in their lives, pick up on small details about their week and ask them about it. If they had a stressful day, ask them why and sympathize with them.


  1. Ask your date about their family and how close they are to their family. This is an excellent way to learn some background information on your date while also learning why they have some traits.


With these topics and conversations, it will be easy to discuss them with people and to strike up a conversation even if they are a stranager. Say goodbye to the days of standing awkwardly around people and running out of things to talk about on your date with these provided topics. 


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