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How To Improve General Knowledge?A funny nerd boy pointing at a glowing book that teaches general knowledge.

Why Is General Knowledge Important?

In simple words, general knowledge is the information collected over time through diverse mediums. In today's world, general knowledge plays a critical role in a person's intellectual growth. 

General knowledge provides the opportunity to explore and learn things that exceed the periphery of a curriculum. Not to discredit the education system, but there's only so much you can learn inside a classroom. And that's where general knowledge comes into the picture. 

The word Knowledge with many other words around it that explains what its knowledge.

For a healthy discussion, it's essential to be informed about the day-to-day findings of the world. If you are not informed, you will hardly contribute something meaningful to the conversation. One might find oneself struggling with embarrassment that can affect one's self-esteem.

When you come from an informed position, you are confident about your thoughts, and so expression becomes very easy. You also feel good about yourself. 

For the aspirants of competitive exams, current affairs are indispensable. These examinations predominantly test a person's thinking capacity by checking his/her general knowledge. 

If you have a general understanding and awareness about day-to-day findings, your mind will utilize that to its benefit. A sharp mind will lead to better life choices and decisions. 

How To Improve General Knowledge?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Developing your knowledge is a consistent process. If you wish to stand out in the crowd, you will have to incorporate certain habits into your lifestyle. It's not easy being a knowledgeable person, so here are some ways that can help you sharpen your general knowledge:

A magical book with a light above it.

1. Reading 

It goes without saying, but reading plays a profound role in expanding the scope of your intellect. If you register some information through reading, the chances are that your memory will retain that information for an extended period of time. 

Testimonials have always been a great source of knowledge, be it a book, magazines, or newspapers. In fact, newspapers are one of the indispensable tools to enhance your knowledge. The information offered is quite diverse, and there's new data related to any and every field.  But the way, we have a great blog post that answers the question How To Get Smarter? You will love it!

2. Media, Digital, TV, Radio 

Media plays an integral part in developing knowledge. Be it print, broadcast, or the internet, there's so much information available that one can easily access. 

The age we live in is passably digital. The boundaries that existed before have now become obsolete. Acquiring information has become much more facile.

There are so many quiz applications one can download. You can also visit various websites that offer credible information.

Catch up on daily bulletins by watching news channels on TV. If glaring on the screen is not your cup of tea, switch to listening radio. A lot of radio shows host GK quizzes. If you are confident, put your knowledge to the test. You might be surprised by how much you know.

3. Writing & Making Notes

Writing is an essential exercise. Retaining information becomes a lot easier if you have a written testament to the information studied earlier. In case you forget a few facts, you can quickly go back to your notes for a quick revision. 

How do I increase my General Knowledge online with Trivia Quiz?

Trivia Quizzes have become a popular exercise among the audience. It's an easy exercise and doesn't take much of your time as well. With the coming of the internet, this fun little exercise has achieved a new dimension. You can play trivia on the bus, on the train, when waiting for the doctor, and in any other situation. It’s available on your smartphone or your computer. It’s accessible, it’s easy, it’s short, and it’s fun. 

Play Fun Trivia Quiz >>

Here are a few advantages of Trivia Quizzes 

A photo of the growth of plants in many stages.

Instant feedback after the quiz 

Grading test papers is truly a time-consuming process for instructors. With online quizzes, the students wouldn't have to wait for days to get their results back. Feedback is instantly provided. Online Quizzes readily give an in-depth analysis of your performance. 

Trivia quizzes are friendly & fun 

Online Quizzes are environment friendly. Wastage of paper or other resources is wholly avoided. 

Retaining knowledge for a more extended period 

Online quizzes help in retaining knowledge for a longer period of time since it requires you to put previously acquired information to use. While taking a quiz, your mind works a lot more efficiently since you have to be precise and fast with your answers. That leads to the organization of thought and eliminates irrelevancies. You build mental cues and connections. 

Track your progress 

Due to the instant assessment, students come to notice their strengths and weaknesses. It also allows them to track their progress. Accordingly, they become more determined and motivated. 

Cheating is not an option 

Unfair means of any sort are avoided. Since the questions are random, cheating is prevented.

Interactive & engaging

Online Quizzes are very interactive and drive engagement. Trivia quizzes are actually a fun game in which you can compete against the clock, try to get some streaks, have fun and excitements, and all that while you are learning and expanding your general knowledge.

Why Is Trivia Good For Your Brain?

A funny brain lifting heavy weight

A cognitive exercise that sharpens your mind 

Trivia is deemed as a very effective cognitive exercise that sharpens your mind. If you want to remember a piece of information for a long time, you require strong cognition. The stronger your cognition, the better you'll be at retaining information. To learn more about the brain and the human body, don't forget to read the amazing 50 human body fun facts, or play the human body trivia quizzes

Perform under pressure

Trivia trains your mind to perform under pressure. A short amount of time is awarded to the participants. You should train your mind to work within a set time frame. While you are thinking so fast, identifying and discarding irrelevant material becomes a lot easier. Your thoughts align in a particular direction, and it leads to a high degree of concentration. 

Trivia games help in reducing stress

Often under pressure, our thoughts are disorganized and scattered all over the place. We are hardly able to concentrate on anything. Quizzing, on the other hand, demands your attention. Your frontal cortex is engaged, which plays a significant role in processing information and memory. Your brain perceives the engagement as exercise. This way, you are able to distract yourself. You are also able to organize your thoughts by focusing on a particular problem. It helps your mind to declutter stressful thoughts. By the end of the exercise, you find yourself in a clear headspace. 

Geography General Knowledge

Earth is shown from space with the sun in the background.

Here's how you can improve your GK in Geography

1. Reading and browsing various encyclopedias, ranging from flora and fauna to different states and capitals of a particular country. Read books about weather, seasons, oceans, and landmarks, etc. Start by reading easy books and gradually work your way towards building knowledge. 

2. Subscribe to a daily newspaper or magazine.

By reading newspapers and magazines, you expose your mind to local and international information. If a natural calamity has recently hit a country, you'll quickly find a well written and credible article in the papers. 

3. Stick a world map in your room. Locate places on the map. Refer to it if you are not sure about the location of a place. This fun little exercise will help you in memorizing important information. 

We recommend you will check the 50 geography fun facts and enjoy some Geography trivia quizzes.

Science General Knowledge

Funny scientist explaining science.

Here's how you can improve your GK in Science

1. Study the reasons behind the facts. When you are studying the 'Why' behind these facts will help you in understanding the information. You wouldn't have to rote memorize it once you know the background. 

2. Engage in active recalling exercises. Play quizzes or form test papers yourself and solve them. Research has proven that students who actively assessed themselves were able to retain information for a longer period of time. 

3. Make flashcards. Going through your notes, again and again, is very useful, but it can also be a little detrimental. Your mind might consume information that is not relevant or unimportant. It also fails in creating links between concepts. By using flashcards, you are actively able to recall important information. You also get the opportunity to reflect upon your answers if they are wrong. This act of reflection is known as metacognition. 

If you are a science lover, you will love these science trivia quizzes and science fun facts.

History General Knowledge

An old historical cannon.

Here's how you can improve your GK in history

1. Make flashcards of key terms, places, events, dates, etc. Make a list of important information. Identify keywords and use them while making flashcards. There are many apps available that help in creating digital flashcards. 

2. Use mnemonic devices to learn information. 

3. Memorization can be exhausting. By creating a fun mnemonic device, you will be able to remember information much more easily and quickly. It also makes learning a lot more fun than it is. 

4. Watch movies and documentaries based on important historical events. There is an entire category of filmmaking that is dedicated to this particular field. Be careful in choosing films. Make sure to watch movies that accurately depict historical events. 

5. Form a chronology of all the information you have studied. 

6. Take online history quizzes. Quizzes will help you in actively remembering information. Testing yourself frequently will enhance retention. You'll be able to recall information a lot more swiftly. There are various quizzing applications available nowadays. Download them and put your knowledge to the ultimate test!

So, do you want to become a small historian? Read the 50 history fun facts, and play history trivia quizzes.

A final thought about General Knowledge

A funny person with funny glasses thinking and looking surprised.

In a world where intelligence is given so much importance, general knowledge becomes an indispensable tool. Whether you are giving an exam or interviewing for a job, the first thing that is put to the test is your general knowledge. People tend to respect you a lot more if you come from an informed position. Be proactive and aware. Keep yourself updated with current affairs. Cultivate your general knowledge as it opens a wide range of opportunities.  Oh, and if you want to educate yourself and have fun, go to the Quiz Beez home page and start to explore, or browse between our educating blog posts!

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