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How To Get Smarter? 10 Habits to Become Smarter

 Two smart kids getting smarter with books and an illustration of a brain in a light bulb above.

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Everyone wants to be perceived as someone smart or intelligent. We all want to feel smarter than others and certainly than 5th graders. Intelligence is one such personality trait that is admired and desired the most. It is also a highly useful tool. The presence of intelligent people is celebrated in society. People are drawn towards a person who is smart as they bring so many new things to the table. So, How to get smarter? keep on reading!

These strong-headed individuals make better life choices owing to their intelligence. History sings the praises of such men and women who managed to change the course of humanity completely. They have opened a whole new world of possibilities. 

A smart 5th grader kid with books and glasses.

How To Get Smarter And Become More Intelligent?

Intelligence is often seen as having a higher IQ, which is not entirely false. Still, there are so many other ways one can work upon their cognitive abilities to become a smart person. 

With enough motivation and determination, anyone can become the possessor of a smart brain and improve brain function. Integrating mental exercises and making them a part of your routine will surely help you in expanding your mental capacities. Many exercises can be super entertaining - you can read more about the combination of education and entertainment to learn how education can be fun.

Becoming a smart individual is a long journey. You do not achieve that feat overnight. It takes a strong will and consistency to become an intelligent person. Even though things come a lot more easily to smart folks, they still believe in working hard and staying consistent.


10 Daily life Habits That Will Help You Become Smarter

 1. Reading 

Reading cultivates your cognitive abilities and improves your cognitive function. Through reading, you expose yourself to new information related to any and every field. Reading also initiates mental stimulation. Studies have shown that mental stimulation decreases the progress of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Reading is also a stress-relieving exercise. You forget all your daily ordeals and worries while reading an interesting piece of information. Exposure to new information also expands your vocabulary. You will come across new words every now and then.

Having a useful vocabulary would help you articulate your thoughts more clearly. As a result, the expression will become easy and fluid. You will be able to communicate better. As your communication skills become more refined, you will be more confident in your articulation.

 Reading also leads to improved focus and concentration. Your attention span increases. You will even notice a significant improvement in your analytical and thinking skills. 
You can start reading with fun & interesting reading about the top 50 history fun facts it the best 50 geography fun facts.

 Infographic of reading benefits - how reading helps you get smarter?

2. Question Everything

Curiosity and inquisitiveness can take you to places you can't even comprehend. What makes a smart individual stand out from the rest of the crowd is the fact that he/she tends to question the foundation of any knowledge. 

If smart individuals find a topic that interests them, they will perform extensive research and will read all the information associated with that topic.

They absorb information mindfully instead of accepting everything as it is. They don't let ignorance define them.

If you want to sharpen your intellect, make sure to question the information you are consuming.

The inquiry leads to new avenues of untapped potential. You'll be surprised by the results!


3. Motivation

Discover what drives you. There's so much information that is dispensed daily associated with any and every field. Find a field that piques your interest. It's easier to stay consistent and motivated if you are studying your interests. Feed your mind with the information you enjoy. The inquisitiveness will drive you to know more and more about the field you are interested in. Working hard will not be deemed as a task. You will enjoy putting more and more effort.

 Motivation quote - "yes you can" written on the beach sand near the sea.

4. Find new ways to do old things 

Innovation and creativity go hand in hand. If you are creative, you will develop new ways of doing the same thing. Even things you do on a day to day basis will become interesting. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Take risks. Dive into the unknown. Imagination and creativity open a whole new avenue of possibilities. 


5. Spend time with smart people 

"My idea of a good company is the company of the clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call the good company" - Jane Austen.

Smart people are a great source of knowledge. 

They introduce you to a lot of new things. Spending time with them is highly beneficial. You also learn to express and communicate in a better manner.


6. Take some time out

It's important to reflect upon your progress. It's easy and convenient to consume a piece of information without reflecting upon it. But if you are a smart person, you will try to dig for a much deeper meaning. Write down whatever you learned. This small exercise has proven to boost brainpower. While reflecting, you revise and organize whatever you have learned. It's crucial to recall whatever you have learned to memorize it for a long time. 


7. Take A Break From Your Phone

Digitalization has undoubtedly made communication a lot more accessible. With the coming of the Internet and social media, the limitations that existed before have now become obsolete. But relying too much on it has given rise to a new set of problems. 

Phone addiction has become a real thing. The concept of likes and followers has been introduced. These things provide a severe hit of dopamine and slow down the functioning of your brain. As a result, your mind is worn out and feels extremely tired. 

Turn off the notifications of your phone 2-3 hours every day. It would be better if you shut down your phone for 2-3 hours daily. It will help you in developing a sincere work time. Try to implement it in your daily routine. 

 A couple hugging when each one is holding the phone and not taking a break from their phone.

8. Exercise daily 

Research has proven that regular exercise improves the functioning of your body. Exercise is significantly effective for your brain as it helps the blood to flow up your nerves. Thus, clearing our mind and decluttering negative thoughts. It's essential to create a positive headspace for your brain. 

Smartness is just not about asking your brain to labor day and night. It's also about taking some rest to restore energy. When your mind is well-rested and rejuvenated, it will grasp things a lot faster.

Daily trivia quizzes are fun and can help you exercise daily.


9. Stop Rote Learning 

Nowadays, information is quite cheap and readily available. There are no credentials attached to it. Regular education is given a lot more importance. You are expected to excel in academia. General knowledge is not given much preference.


It's futile to learn extra irrelevant information. Don't invest so much of your energy into that. Instead, try other brainstorming exercises such as solving puzzles, taking quizzes, etc. These data you can easily find and download game apps that trigger mental stimulation.   


10. Be Creative

Let your creative side unleash. An artistic mind is a lot more open to inspiration. There are so many ways to express creativity. You can either write a journal or paint. A creative brain is a home for innovative solutions. A creative person tends to think outside the box. 

 In today's world, originality has become a rare sight. Whatever information and solutions you find are mostly plagiarized or unoriginal, if you are creative, forming new schemes won't be exhausting or arduous. Creativity also increases thinking capacity that leads to a higher line of thought. 

infographic about the two sides of the brain, with the creative side colorful.

Feel Smarter And Get Smarter With Trivia Quiz 

Trivia Quizzes are highly beneficial. They stimulate the growth of the mind. These fun quizzes help in retaining information for a more extended period of time. It is also an effective cognitive exercise that puts your knowledge to the test. You are able to assess your level of intelligence and work around it accordingly.

 We are exposed to new sets of information that expand the scope of our knowledge. Just by playing, we can memorize facts. Our ability to focus is also enhanced. We can work on our analytical and logical skills.

Quiz night neon sign illustrating that fun trivia night can help you get smarter.

Trivia Quizzes Can Also Reduce Stress

By playing quizzes, we can respond swiftly. Quizzing also helps in reducing cortisol levels. This fun mental sport directly attacks the stress hormone. Trivia quizzes consist of questions from various fields. While engaging in this exercise, your mind has to think about different things at the same time. This cross-training helps us to discover the untapped potential of our minds. 

 Trivia quizzes also train our minds to work under stressful circumstances. Answering Trivia questions also releases dopamine, the hormone responsible for creating feelings of pleasure. Apart from this short term benefit, this mental exercise supports healthy neurological function.

 All these benefits create a healthy and clear headspace. Your mind can function more efficiently in a positive environment. Smart people know when to go hard and when to take a break. As much as they understand the importance of consistency, they never let their brains burn out. 

 If you are striving to be a smart person, playing trivia quizzes is the easiest way to gain knowledge. These quizzes are not only a great source of information but also a great source of enjoyment. Explore the fun and magical world of trivia. 

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