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49 Interesting Fun Facts about Australia

Australian flag on a wood. Did you know that… 

· Australia is home to the most poisonous snakes and spiders in the world

· Australia has more than sixty different kangaroo species, with baby kangaroos measuring only two centimeters long

· The population of sheep is much higher than humans 

· One time, there was an Australian man who tried to put New Zealand on sale at a starting price of one cent 

These are just snippets of our Australian fun facts! There are so many weird, hilarious, and mind-blowing facts you didn't know about Australia. Ready to test your knowledge? Check them out below and discover interesting fun facts about Australia!


Cool Fun Facts about Australia  

1. A mailbox underwater? 

The Great Barrier Reef is considered the biggest living organism globally, encompassing around 358,000 km2 in total. Besides a hub of biodiversity and extraordinary natural beauty, the reef has a mailbox too. You need to take a ferry and get a special stamp if you want to send a postcard or letter to your family. 



Underwater reef in Australia.

2. It has very striking pink lakes 

If you're obsessed with pink items, you will surely be in awe upon seeing Australia's pink lakes. For instance, the Lake Hiller situated in Middle Island boasts a bright pink color similar to bubble gum. Hutt Lagoon tends to change its color from red to pink or lilac purple. There's also the Lake Eyre located a few hours' drive from Adelaide – having a combination of orange, yellow, and pink hues. 



One of the most interesting fun facts about Australia is that it has pink lakes.

3. The term "selfie" was invented in Australia 

Selfie is being used in numerous countries today. And, Australia proudly claims to be the maker of this term. It was initially used by an Australian to describe his self-portrait taken at a birthday party. 



A woman take selfie with kangaroo sign in Australia.

4. Australia has the longest rabbit proof fence 

The population of the rabbit tends to increase rapidly, which is why Australians decided to build fences. First is the dingo fence, which boasts 5,614 km. And during the 90s, a rabbit-proof fence was constructed, running 3,253 km. These fences are longer than the Great Wall of China! They also help to protect the livelihood of farmers. 



the longest rabbit proof fence

5. The Tasmanian devils really exist 

Tasmanian devils (Sarcophilus harrisii) are popularly known as feisty mammals with a thick profile, shaggy tail, and black fur coat. They are usually found in Tasmania. The larvae of beetles are their main source of live food, although they attack poultry too. Tasmanian devils are believed to possess the crocodile's jaw strength. 


Tasmanian devils for Australia.

6. The only continent with no active volcanoes 

Australia has over 100 volcanoes, but none of them has burst out for around 4000-5000 years. It could be due to the location of the island. However, two of its external territories – McDonald's Islands and Heard Island – are active volcanoes situated 4000 km of Pert southwest. 



A non active volcano in Australia.

7. Tasmania is one of the cleanest places in the world 

If you're tired of the pollution in big cities, now is the perfect time to explore Tasmania and get a high-quality break with its clean air. In fact, locals used to put water and air into bottles and then sell them to locations where air pollution seems like a heavy daily battle. 



Tasmania is one of the cleanest places in the world

8. Australia is one of the countries with the highest pay rate 

The average full-time salary is said to be $73,000 or more, depending on the field of work. Australia is even known for having the highest pay rate per hour and the highest minimum wage. Sounds really good! IT experts, engineering managers, and analytics managers are some of the top highest paying jobs available.


Australian Money.

9. Some of the major inventions came from Australia 

No one can't stop this country from being a history holder. Adding to its list are some of the major inventions that transformed the world. There's a black box flight recorder, ultrasound scanner, electronic pacemaker, winged keel, electric drill, Wi-Fi technology, and Google Maps.



The black box was invented in Australia.


10. It is the land of the world's biggest camel herd, with a population higher than Egypt 

Even the Guinness World of Records acknowledged this information. Over 700,000 camels are roaming here. They are feral, though, and not wild. Camelus ferus is the only wild camel renowned. 



Australian Camel.

11. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island 

Another history under Australia's name, Fraser Island, is considered the largest sand island you'll ever find worldwide. It stretches more than 22 km in width and 123 km in length. Also, it is the sole place where tall rainforests grow on sand dunes. It is now a wonderful tourist attraction with lots of outdoor activities in store for families and couples. 



Fraser Island

12. Australia was the 2nd country that allowed women to cast their vote 

New Zealand was the first country to break this history in 1893, which was followed by Australia in 1926. Women were also given the right to stand for the Commonwealth Parliament. Edith Cowan was the first woman to win the Australian Parliament election.



Voting with Australian flag.

13. Named the most liveable city for seven consecutive years 

Vienna in Austria now holds the crown for being the world's most liveable city, but we should not forget how Melbourne achieved the same recognition for seven years in a row (2010-2017). Infrastructure, healthcare, environment, education, culture, and stability are the main determining factors. Sydney is also included in the list due to its drastic improvement in culture and environment. 



 Melbourne Australia.

14. Australia Day is celebrated every year 

Another good reason to live in this gorgeous country is the unending celebrations, and Australia Day is just one of those. It is a celebration of various beliefs, views, races, cultures, and religions that take place annually on January 26.  



Australia day is in January 26.

15. Australia is one of the biggest wine exporters 

The wine industry is also responsible for the country's thriving economy. Out of the 1.2-1.3 billion liters of produced wines every year, around 800 million are exported to foreign markets. There are sixty wine regions in Australia alone, although they are primarily located in the icier, southern areas with vineyards in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and more.


Wine vineyard in Australia.

16. Idiot fruit is the most distinctive and oldest trees within the country 

With the scientific name "Idiospermum australiense", idiot fruit is another gem of Australia. You cannot find it anywhere else. It bears the biggest seed of all trees with a size similar to the human fist. 


Idiospermum australiense - Australian fruit

Funny Fun Facts about Australia 

17. An Aussie tried to sell New Zealand on eBay 

There's no clear identification about this Australian man, but what we know is that he became the town's talk after his controversial auction. The starting price was AU$0.01. What's more interesting is that he managed to reach AU$3000 before eBay shut down his auction. 



Australian flag and New Zealand flag.


18. Brisbane hosts annual cockroach racing 

We have known cockroaches as annoying, grimy little critters. But somewhere in Australia, there's a world championship for cockroach racing being held every year. Yes, Brisbane did that! Well, it's for pure entertainment only, but you can also win prizes or money.


Brisbane hosts annual cockroach racing.

19. Spiders are more afraid of humans 

We've mentioned earlier that Australia is known for having some deadly animals in the world, including spiders. However, little did people know that many of them are harmless. They look scary, but they won't make your visit an entire nightmare. Be careful of the redback spider and funnel-web spider, though!


Spiders in Australia.

20. The competition between Melbourne and Sydney to be Australia's capital was so intense, and they opt Canberra instead. Case closed! 

The largest city becomes the capital of a country, but that's not the case in Australia. Canberra is a small city that lies in between Melbourne and Sydney. It is home to Parliament House. There are also claims stating Canberra became the country's capital because it was cold. 



Canberra, Australia.

21. About 30% of the Australian population was born afield 

The recent data of the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that more than 7.5 million Australian residents were born overseas. Either they have been born abroad, or one or both parents had been living out of the country. England is the most commonly reported country of birth, followed by New Zealand and China. 



A funny Australian baby.

22. There are different Australian names for numerous states 

Have you ever heard of banana benders and cornstalks? Residents from Western Australia are called sandgropers, banana benders or kanakas for Queensland, cornstalks for New South Wales, and crow eaters for South Australia. But there's more! Tasmanians have earned the name apple islanders due to its growing apple industry, while the people of Victoria are known as cabbage gardeners or gumsuckers. 


Australian land on a map

23. There is a lake called Lake Disappointment 

Lake Disappointment (Kumpupirntily) is an 82,000-acre endorheic salt lake situated in Western Australia and home to several waterbird species. The lake was named by Frank Hann, a famous explorer, in 1897. He was expecting to find a big freshwater lake during his exploration around Rudall River yet found nothing. His disappointment has turned the lake to be salted; hence, forming its name. 


Lake Disappointment

24. Some people have mistaken Australia for Austria, and perhaps you do! 

It's not surprising, though. Their names may also give you confusion. Austria signifies Eastern borderland during Medieval Latin, while Australia means southern. Plus, the Australian jokes are quite less proper when compared to Austrian. 


Australian flag and Austria's flag.

25. The internet speed is so slow 

Today where many transactions are made over the internet, you need a stable, strong internet speed to not be left behind. Unfortunately, this is where Australia also lacks. It's still lagging behind other countries despite the constant rollout of the billions of dollars National Broadband Network.



Interest speed illustration

26. Tourists overstay their visas 

In 2017, data showed that more than 64,000 people overstay visas in Australia. Malaysians recorded the highest number, along with the United States and Chinese nationals. We can't blame their keenness to stay in the country, but do not do the same thing. Otherwise, you'll face significant consequences. 



Australian Visa

27. Australia is composed of abundant languages 

Australia's languages are divided into three groups: official languages, indigenous languages, and immigrant group languages. As per 2016 statistics, English is the main language of most people. Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Cantonese are among the most common languages spoken at home, including Spanish, Punjabi, Italian, and Greek.


A sentence is written on a green chalkboard.

28. A gay pub won the legal right to ban straights 

It is believed to be Australia's first. The reason is valid, though. The club only wants to give a comfortable and safe venue for gay men. 



The gay flag.

Weird Interesting Facts about Australia 

29. It was illegal to swim on beaches 

Daylight bathing was initially prohibited in 1838, though only in selected regions around Sydney Cove. According to the grapevine, swimming was seen as immoral. Men and women could bathe in the late evening and early morning, and never concurrently. 



A woman with Australia's flag on the beach, near the sea.

30. Australians eat their national animals 

Dwellers may love emus and kangaroos, but they love eating them even more. Head to local supermarkets, and you'll see lots and lots of kangaroo sausages, kangaroo steak, kangaroo mince, etc. The meat of kangaroo is low-fat as well as produces less methane; thus, an eco-friendlier option to eat. 



31.The Australian Alps receive more snow than Switzerland's Swiss Alps 

Unknown to some, Australia does experience snow. While the entire continent doesn't get tremendous amounts of snow, some areas get a great deal. Australian Alps is one concrete example – beating the Swiss Alps mainly because Switzerland is an inland state while the mountains in Australia are situated nearby the coast. 


Snow in Australia

32. Wombat produces cube-shaped poo 

We are all aware of what a poo looks like, even on animals. This is where the wombat, a unique animal found in Australia, makes it a more exciting subject since it is the only known species to do so. Experts found out the reason behind its odd shape – to mark wombat's territory. Their intestines' flexibility and shape are what cause these strange feces. 



33. The deadly drop bear is not "deadly" at all 

First of all, there are no bears in Australia, only koalas. It's just a fake animal that supposedly drops from trees. Australians made this up in the form of fun and to frighten tourists more. So, if you're an Australian-born, chances of drop bear attacking you are only minimal. 


A Kuala bear.

34. Australians celebrate Christmas twice a year 

Have you ever heard of Christmas in July? The months of December could be humid and hot, so Aussies decided to celebrate the season differently (they call it the second celebration). It doesn't replace the real Christmas, though, and it is not an official holiday. 


A Christmas sand man made in the beach.

35. Residents mostly live on the coast 

The big city might be tempting to live in, but most Aussies prefer taking a break from too much noise and pollution and instead try a placid life nearby or on the coast – around 80 percent. We can't say no to such a laidback lifestyle, right? After all, there are so many things you can try and explore, such as snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving. 



Houses on the Australians coasts.

36. Over 80 percent of Australians engage in various gambling activities 

According to some statistics, the average Australian spends roughly $1200 every year, laying down money on several gambling forms. Aussies love trying their luck and, at the same time, have fun playing the lotto, scratch-it tickets, pokies, and the ever-popular casino games. Horse racing has acquired their interest too. 


Casino Roulette.

37. Only one person has died from a spider bite 

Spiders indeed have venom, and a slight sting could cause ill effects, but they are mostly unaggressive and reluctant to bite. There have been no deaths reported since 1979, only a young man. A venomous redback spider bit him during a bushwalk on the east coast. 


A venomous redback spider.

38. Australia is very big, but with a low number of residents.

New York is the nearest American state to Australia, but the latter is believed to be more than 50 times bigger than New York. Australia has over 7 million square kilometers compared to New York's 122,283 square kilometers. However, the number of residents in Australia is much smaller than in the USA. In fact, Australia has the same number of residents as Texas.



Sydney Australia


Mind-blowing Fun Facts about Australia 

39. The box jellyfish has caused more deaths in Australia 

Also called stinger or sea wasp, box jellyfish are a deadly and venomous species as well as considered agile swimmers. Since 1883, it has been responsible for more than seventy lethal stings. Roughly 100 people or more die every year from its several deadly species. 



The box jellyfish

40. It would take you 27 years or more to visit a new beach every day 

The coastline of Australia stretches nearly 50,000 km and has more than 10,000 beaches. Well, that's a lot to explore! The Cable Beach (Western Australia), Wineglass Bay (Tasmania), and Whitehaven Beach (Queensland) are some of the top picks to make your vacay one of a kind. It's not surprising as Australia is the 6th largest country in the world.


The coastline of Australia

41. There are more sheep than humans

Australia landed the 53rd spot as the biggest population globally – with a whopping 25 million population. But here's the catch, the number of sheep living here is extremely massive. Their population is estimated to reach up to 150 million.


Australian's Sheep

42. Australia holds the record of having the biggest cattle ranch in the world 

In fact, a single cattle ranch is much bigger than the state of Israel. Cattle and sheep stations are thousands of square kilometers – most of them can overstep 10,000 kilometers. Anna Creek is considered the biggest working station (roughly 34,000 km2), which is located in South Australia. 



the biggest cattle ranch in the world

43. It is home to some of the world's deadliest animals 

Aside from spiders and snakes, the state is also home to other venomous animals like stonefish, blue ring octopus, cassowary, saltwater crocodile, sharks, textile cone snail, and stingray. But don't worry, Australia is still safe to visit. 


Stonefish, a deadly fish.


44. Australia has the highest skin cancer rate 

A 2015 data shows that Australia has nearly a million cases of skin cancer. It is typically due to excessive UV radiation exposure from the sun. Hence, causing skin cell damage. So before hitting the beach, make sure to wear proper protection to avoid this complication! 


skin cancer illustration.

45. Australia also has the highest obesity rate 

This is another major public health issue the country constantly deals with every day. Adolescents and children living in regions of higher disadvantages are more at risk of becoming overweight. Twenty-five percent of them suffered from weight gain at the peak of 2017 to 2018. Obesity also contributes to some deaths in Australia. 



Obesity illustration with hamburgers and pizza.

46. There are some unique animals you never know existed 

Tasmanian devil is just one example, but there is more to discover about Australia's unique animals. More than eighty percent of reptiles and mammals here are found nowhere else on the planet. Wallabies, wombats, dingoes, quokkas, platypus, quolls, echidna, and lyrebirds are just some of these fascinating creatures. 


Lyrebird from Australia.

47. The male platypus can kill a small dog 

This strange creature's secret weapon lies on its hind feet as it is connected to a venom-secreting gland. The platypus uses them during battles or against predators. Just a single strike from it could kill a dog. And while it has not proven to attack humans, this mammal can poison you in many different ways. 


Male platypus in the water.

48. Melbourne was the richest city 

Way back in 1880, Melbourne was named the wealthiest city in the world. It was even recognized as one of the happiest cities in Australia and in the world, as per the survey conducted by Tapestry Research and Time Out. Melbourne is still a striving land until now, popularly known as Australia's unofficial football and coffee capital.



49. A popular former Prime Minister entered the Guinness Book of Records, but it is not because of his political views 


Meet Bob Hawke, Australia's most famous Prime Minister, who was recognized by the Guinness Book of records for rowing 2.5 pints of beer in merely eleven seconds! He was the longest-serving prime minister – leading the state from 1983-1991.

Bob Hawke, Australia's most famous Prime Minister

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