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50 American Fun Facts - Discover Unkown USA Facts

Statue of Liberty during the night time in New York, USA.

These 50 American fun facts will amaze and surprise anyone. Discover interesting USA fun facts, presidential trivia facts, American revolution facts, American flags facts, and more.


The USA (United States of America) is situated in North America. It has 50 states, five major self-governing territories, one federal district, and numerous possessions. At 9.8 million square kilometers, it is the fourth-largest country in the world by area. Moreover, it is ranked as the third most crowded country around the globe. Their capital city is Washington, DC. New York City is the most populated city. 


Several Paleo-Indians had moved from Siberia to mainland North American almost 12,000 years ago. The USA emerged from the British colonies (thirteen) established along with the East Coast. Nowadays, many people dream of living in the US, but they are unaware of numerous interesting facts about the USA. Today we are going to share some special fun facts about the US.


We have prepared a list of the most exciting 50 US (American) fun facts for your convenience. These fun facts will boost your knowledge about the US. 

Presidential Fun Facts

Some fun presidential facts about the USA can make you surprise you. Learn about the legacies and the lives of the US presidents.

1. Unusual Jobs of the Presidents

It will be interesting to share details of several presidents' unusual careers in the list of the best fun facts. Jimmy Carter was framing peanuts before becoming the president of the US. A popular movie star was the 40th US president. Moreover, Abraham Lincoln (16th President) had chopped rails once for fences. The 17th US president, Andrew Johnson, was a tailor.


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Farming peanuts house - Jimmy Carter was before becoming the president of the US

2. Trendsetter Presidents

Every president has marked its unique style in the USA. In 1901, the presidential house was not known as the White House before Theodore Roosevelt. The building was known as President's Palace, the Executive Mention, and the President House. Roosevelt changed its name officially to the White House. Martin Van Buren is famous for creating an "OK" expression.


The White House - the presidential house was not known as the White House before Theodore Roosevelt.



3. Presidents Always Liked to Enjoy Ice Cream

Dolley Madison and James Madison liked to have ice cream frequently. To satisfy their cravings, they built an ice house on the Montpelier estate grounds. This arrangement was to enjoy cold drinks and ice cream all summer. They were famous for serving oyster ice cream bowls at official functions of government.


 Ice Cream - USA Presidents Always Liked to Enjoy Ice Cream

4. Abraham Lincoln Stored Things in Hat  

It is one of the weird fun facts that Abraham Lincoln stored different things, such as documents and letters in his stove-piped tall hat. He was the tallest president of the US. Lincoln was born in poverty and raised in Indiana. 


Abraham Lincoln Statue - The US president stored things in hat.

5. Denture of George Washington

George Washington has decaying, terrible teeth; therefore, he needed wore dentures. The dentures were made from spring, brass, and ivory screws. He was a political leader, statesman, founding father, and military general of the USA. Washington played the main role during and before the Revolution of America. Washington was involved in ratifying and adopting the constitution. His face is also curved on the famous Mount Rushmore, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota (not in North Dakota as some may think).


George Washington - The US President.

6. William Henry Harrison, A Medical Doctor

The 9th president of the USA, William Henry Harrison, was studied to become a medical doctor. He died because of paratyphoid fever, pneumonia, and typhoid fever on the 31st day of his term. Henry was the first person to die in his office. Moreover, he was the shortest-serving president in the USA. Interested in American history, play the American history trivia quiz game! You can also just browse through the endless history trivia quiz questions and answer collection we created especially for you.


William Henry Harrison - The 9th American President was a Medical Doctor

7. Washington National Cathedral for Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson is the single president buried in Washing National Cathedral. He was the only one buried in DC. Wilson was the 28th USA president. The president spent his initial years in Augusta, Georgia, especially during reconstruction and civil war. After the Civil war, he started to attend his nearby school.


Woodrow Wilson is the single president buried in Washing National Cathedral.

8. Critics of Chester Arthur 

Critics of Arthur tried to influence the public that he was not an American citizen. He was actually born in Vermont. Detractors of Arthur tried to influence people that he is not eligible for the race of the presidency. Similarly, Barack Obama faced the same accusation because his father moved to Canada and Ireland before birth.


Chester Arthur - The USA President    




Interesting Facts About USA

Every USA state has its own flavor; therefore, we will share some fun facts about the USA States.


9. Peanuts in Alabama

Mardi Gras has an association with Alabama city, New Orleans. This city is famous for its unique tradition of origination. Carver George Washington discovered over 300 peanut uses. Almost half of the USA's peanuts are produced in a 100 miles radius of Alabama (Dothan). This state has over 900 farmers for peanuts.  


Peanuts in Alabama, United States

10. Biggest Tree in California

Sequoia national park of California has the biggest tree in the world by volume. It is located between San Francisco and Las Vegas. A sequoia is known as General Sherman. The tree is 52,500 cubic feet in volume. It is a 3500 years old tree. You can also see 4000 years old bristlecone pines. These are the oldest things living in the world.


Sequoia national park of California, United states of America.

11. Alligators and Crocodiles in Florida

South Florida has alligators and crocodiles in the wild. There are numerous incidents in Florida where alligators broke out in the home. The official state reptile of Florida is the alligator. In 1987, this legislature got this status. The alligator represents the wide-ranging untamed swampland and wilderness in Florida.


South Florida has alligators and crocodiles in the wild.

12. It is illegal to eat chicken using a fork in Georgia

Before sharing more cool fun facts, here is the best one. Gainesville, Georgia, is considered as poultry capital of the world. In 1961, they passed a law to make it illegal to use a fork to eat fried chicken. You have to eat fried chicken using your hands. If you are planning to visit Georgia, you should keep this rule in your mind.


American fired chicken - Gainesville, Georgia, is considered as poultry capital of the world.

13. Battle Creek, Michigan

The American cereal bowl, Battle Creek, produces maximum cereal in the United States. In this state, an authentic Dutch windmill is operating. The Windmill De Zwaan in Holland, Mich is a historic attraction. It is a functioning machine to produce whole wheat flour for local communities. Remember, Michigan has a freshwater shoreline than other states.


Battle Creek, Michigan

14. The catchphrase of Bugs Bunny in Dallas, Texas

Tex Avery is the animator of Looney Tunes. He attended the High School in North Dallas. Avery said that he did not think about this line because it is a common phrase. Pecan pie is the official dessert of the state. Undoubtedly, the state is rich in pecan trees. It is one of the hilarious fun facts.


Bugs Bunny


15. Smallest State in the USA: Rhode Island

Rhode Island is famous for red chickens. In 1854, the breeding of red chicken was started, and it turned out to be the major industry of America. It is the smallest island in the US and shares a border (water) with New York. This island is famous for making fine jewelry and silverware.


Rhode Island - Smallest State in the USA.

16. Rainbow Bridge Utah

The natural, largest stone rainbow bridge is in Utah. It is 275 feet across and 290 feet high. A quaking aspens grove, Pando, in Fishlake National Forest of Utah, is the oldest and largest living organism. Remember, it is linked through a mutual root system. The name of this state is after an American tribe called UTE. The meaning of UTE is "People of the Mountains.”


Rainbow Bridge Utah

17. Vermont: Maple Flavor

In the USA, Vermont has its particular state flavor, such as maple. This state is famous for the largest production of delicious maple syrup. They produce over 500,000 gallons of maple syrup per year. People often joke that the number of dairy cows is more in Vermont than in people. Moreover, billboard advertising is not legal in Vermont.


Rainbow Bridge Utah

18. Typewriter Invented in Wisconsin

In 1867, the typewriter was invented in Milwaukee. Latham Sholes and several other inventors wrought in a tiny machine workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for almost seven years. Wisconsinites consume almost 21 million gallons of delicious ice cream each year. The land area of this state is 34.8 million acres, and the water area is 1.13 million acres.


Typewriter was invented in Wisconsin.

USA History Facts

Here are numerous funny, fun facts about USA history. You will be stunned after knowing all these things.

19. Permanent Settlement of English

Jamestown was the initial permanent English settlement, and it was established in 1607. It was situated on the James River (Powhatan) northeast bank almost 4 km (2.5 mi) southwest, the middle of contemporary Williamsburg. An animated Disney movie Pocahontas (1995) has depicted the Jamestown settlement. Unfortunately, the film has numerous inaccuracies.
By the way, are you a history lover? Read the 50 history fun facts - these are interesting facts that will amaze you.


A monument in Jamestown was the initial permanent English settlement.

20. Women were not allowed to submit a credit application until 1974 without a man.

In the list of weird but true facts, it is essential to mention this fact. After the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, banks needed widowed, divorced, or single women to come with a man to cosign a credit application. The customs were changed after the inauguration of the first women’s bank.


An old USA bank

21. Turning Point in the volution

In the American Revolution, the Battle of Saratoga was a turning point. It occurred between September and October of 1777. It happens a year later after the declaration of independence was signed, on July 4th, 1776. For more on the American revolution, Check out the American civil war trivia quiz games.


 The Battle of Saratoga  during the American Revolution.

22. Poison in Alcohol by the US Government

During alcohol prohibition in the USA, federal bureaucrats ordered alcohol producers to denature alcoholic products with different chemicals. They ordered to use chloroform, iodine, and kerosene. Moreover, the treasury department told manufacturers to mix additional methyl alcohol to alcoholic products in 1927.


Old Machine to manufacturers alcohol.

23. First President of the USA

The first president of the USA was George Washington in 1789. He was commander-in-chief in the continental army throughout the war. George Washington is the only person who received 100 percent of the electoral vote.


Statue of the first president of the USA - George Washington.

24. Aggressive Western Expansion of the USA

In the next century, violent western expansion was the reason for brutal violence and deadly wars committed against Native Americans. Due to this policy, it may be led by the idea of manifest destiny. There was a belief that the Americans were predestined to surmount the whole continent. The US successfully gained numerous new states.


An old image of Native Americans.

25. Stonewall Revolution was the beginning of the LGBTQ movement in 1969.

The police in New York City invaded the Stonewall on 28 July 1969. Stonewall Inn was a gay club serving liquor without any license. During this time, police violently raided bars and clubs. On the morning of 28 June, police beat stonewall patrons with nightsticks. 


An hand with the LGBT flag on painted on it.

26. After WWII, Nazis Flew to America

Almost hundreds of Nazis settled in the USA after the war. Several entered the US and acted as spies for intelligence officials of America. They were living under fake names and protected their past and identities.


Jewish people were captured by the Nazis that later migrated to the united states.

27. Puerto Rican Ladies were Birth Control Test Subjects

In the 1950s, Puerto Rican ladies were test subjects of birth control. John Rock and Gregory Pincus required to conduct a human study on a large-scale. They use Puerto Rico females as a test subject. Remember, the duo traveled for uneducated, solicited poor women for trial.   


Puerto Rican flag.

Weird Facts About United States Of America

Here are some crazy weird fun facts about America. You will be surprised to learn about these unique facts.


28. The US Purchased Alaska from Russia for 2 Cents/Acre

Alaska is an example of a bargain buy. Undoubtedly, Alaska is the largest American state. They buy it at $732 million in total. In only 50 years after the purchase, the USA made this money over 100 times. The Russians might not have information about the gold.


Welcome to Alaska sign.

29. The US has no official language

In the list of mind-blowing funny facts, this one will surprise you. There is no official language in the USA. Over half population of the US speaks Spanish. You can find communities of folks sharing the same type of communication. In the USA, there are over 350 languages.


American flag with many languages books on top of it.

30. 40% of Children in the USA are related to Unmarried Ladies

For the consistent eighth year, an enormous 40% of all kids were born to unmarried mothers. In its comparison, only 3.8% of children had an unmarried mother. There is a notable increase in non-marital childbirth.


American children with the US flag.

31. Virginia is the Birthplace for Most of the Presidents

Virginia has close proximity to the capital of the USA (not to be confused with West Virginia). Remember, Virginia is the birthplace of 8 presidents of the United States. These were Woodrow Wilson, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, William Henry Harrison, James Monroe, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson (which also signed on the declaration of independence), and George Washington.


Virginia on a post office stamp.


32. At any time, 5,000 commercial airplanes are hovering over the USA.

In our list of strange facts, it is an astounding thing to share. You can see airplanes in the sky at different times. Air traffic controllers work consistently in the USA to manage 5,000 airplanes. These planes fly at the same time. Undoubtedly, air travel is a safe way to move from one state to another.


Airplane on a purple sky.

33. Town to Help Squirrels

Washington has a town with treetop bridges to help squirrels in crossing different streets. In Longview, Nutty Narrows Bridge is the narrowest bridge for animals. Before this bridge, squirrels had to deal with speeding traffic while running through streets and to eat a special nutty feast.


A squirrel eating a nut.

34. Get a License to Hunt Unicorn

The Lake Superior University of Michigan offers a license to hunt unicorns. The university made unicorn hunters, and the activities of this group attracted the news media. Remember, the unicorn is an amazing creature described as a special beast with a single, pointed, spiraling, large horn. It is one of the ridiculously funny facts.


A beautiful white unicorn.

35. Kansas Produces Plenty of Wheat in 1 Year

The annual production of wheat in Kansas is sufficient for the entire world for almost two weeks. It is sufficient to prove that Kansas is so big, and farmers are extremely important for the entire world.


Wheat from Kansas.

36. The USA Is Famous for its Diverse Wildlife and Geography

North America has a diverse geography and wildlife. The state combines an area of almost 2,959,064 square miles. You can see numerous geographical features in the USA, from arid deserts, windy, flat prairies, to beautiful rivers and lakes. The USA boasts multiple breathtaking and recognizable mountain ranges, such as the Sierra Nevada, Appalachians, and the Rockies range.

Oh, if you love geography, you will be amazed to discover some mind-blowing geography fun facts in our educational blog.  


The North American continent from the space.

American Revolution Fun Facts

Here are some strange but true facts for the American Revolution. These fun facts can boost your knowledge.

37. 13 British Colonies

Before the revolution of America, there were numerous British colonies. Remember, no colony was a part of the revolution. Almost 13 colonies became rebelling. The rebelling colonies were Rhode Island, New York, New Hemisphere, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut's, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware. Check the British Royal Family trivia quiz, for more British trivia fun.


British colonies typical house.

38. Revolutionary Technology Innovation

If you think about revolution, technological innovation is an important subject to discuss. The first submarine outbreak took place in the revolutionary war. A submersible vessel, "American Turtle," was a massive acorn. It was designed by David Bushnell in 1775.


The first submarine invented in the US.

39. Battle of Trenton

This battle was a bold attack by the US army on the British. On 25 December 1776, George Washington had decided to cross the icy Delaware River using small boats for a surprise attack. Hessians showed impartiality of German hordes, and they were fighting for the British.


George Washington statue.

40. Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party was a protest against British control. Americans in 1773 learned that they would be forced to buy tea from East India British Company. The government has passed the tea act. Colonists were violent that the government was finishing their choice to select tea vendors.


Boston tea party post office stamp.

41. Women in the American Revolution

Women had participated in the American Revolution. It is one of the mind-blowing fun facts. They were instrumental in keeping the barracks running and manageable as laundresses, nurses, sewists, and cooks. Some fought on the battlefield in disguise. Moreover, others worked as spies for the American army.      


Women in the American Revolution painting.

42. The Culper Spy Ring to Exposed Major Secrets

For the British armed forces, New York City was a stronghold early in the battle. George Washington required information about British troop movement stationed there. These efforts were failed until 1778. Officer Benjamin Tallmadge recruited as ahead of secret service and started the Culper Spy Ring.  


 British armed forces illustrated soldier.

American Flag Facts (USA Flag)

For the American flag, we are going to share some crazy fun facts. These special things can make you surprise.

43. 13 Stripes and 50 Stars on American Flag

The flag of America has 13 stripes and 50 stars. Remember, 50 stars represent every state of America. There are 50 states in the USA. Moreover, 13 stripes are for 13 colonies. These colonies became the initial states in the USA.


The bald eagle holding the USA flag.

44. Logic Behind Colors of American Flag

As per history, blue, white and red colors have special meaning. Blue means loyalty and justice, and white reflects purity and liberty and red is for valor.


American flag colors, illustrated on an old flag.


45. Flag Maintenance Rules

If it is difficult to repair or use the USA flag, you have to destroy it respectfully. Make sure to burn it. Feel free to wash a flag or dry clean it if it touches the wet ground and gets dirty.


An old american flag on a wooden floor.

46. Why more stars and fewer strips on the US Flag?

Initially, the USA was adding stars and stripes to its flag to welcome new states. As Vermont and Kentucky joined them, the flag took two extra stars from the actual. From 1795 – 1818, there were 15 stars and 15 stripes on the flag. Then lawmakers decided to use a star to honor every state and keep stripes 13.


American flag on top of American building.

47. A High School Student Design the USA Flag

After Hawaii and Alaska, there were 50 states in the USA. Eisenhower president received numerous ideas to update the USA flag. A high school 17-year old student submitted his version. The student from Ohio had created it for his class project. It was accepted and still in use.


The US president Eisenhower on top of a post office stamp.

48. Appropriate Way to View the USA Flag

In the weird interesting facts, you must know the way to see the USA flag during parades. The flag must face the right hand on your heart as per federal regulations and laws of the flag. You have to follow these rules in the flag lowering and raising ceremony.


An American lady hold the US flag.

49. Francis Scott Wrote National Anthem

Francis Scott Key is the writer of the national anthem of America. He witnessed the attack of the British at Fort McHenry. Moreover, he watched rockets of British red glare and the bombs bursting in the air.


Painting of Francis Scott.

50. Betsy Ross Made Clothes for George Washington

It is one of the really weird facts that Betsy Ross, a seamstress, made George Washington clothes. In 1776 June, Washington approached her to create the first flag of America. 


Betsy Ross flag made for George Washington request.

Did you love all these fun facts? You can enjoy many more amazing fun facts or read more educational blog posts. 

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