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We all love to play. there is an inner child in all of us. We especially love to play trivia quiz games, as they are fun games that also have a lot of value. When playing trivia, you are having fun while you learn, expanding your general knowledge, and actually becoming smarter. Oh, we also love the wisdom of the crowd theory. We are fascinated by the fact that the crowd can predict a better answer than an individual expert. 

Combining the wisdom of the crowd with trivia quizzes

Here's the deal. We think that online trivia quizzes can be a great tool to bring the wisdom of the crowd to the digital world. Wisdom of the crowd questions are very interesting and can also be a lot fun, like trivia questions. These questions can be great entertainment. While people love to play, they also enjoy a little competition with some fun contests. When guessing the answer for a "wisdom of the crowd" question, we all want to know how close we were to the correct answer, and even more interesting - were we closer than others? How is my answer compared to the crowd? And of course, was the crowd right? how close was the crowd to the correct answer?

That is the reason we know that people who like trivia quizzes on subjects like General Knowledge, Geography, History, Human body, Science, Animals, Celebrity, Food, and much more, will also enjoy the wisdom of the crowd and all it can offer us. There are many classic "wisdom of the crowd" questions that will amaze or intrigue you. Guessing how many M&M are in a jar? How much does an ox weigh? and much more!? 

Of course, many more fun & exciting questions will astonsh you, and you can find them all on our website, available for you anytime, anywhere.